Net-zero - towards the future of sustainable food retailing

Viessmann - Net Zero

As shoppers increasingly demand more naturally sustainable options with each visit to their favourite grocery store, food retail is changing before our very eyes. Retailers’ sustainability strategies will help ensure and secure their existence, as taking more steps to become environmentally friendly are what their customers increasingly expect.

Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions is doing its part to make it easier for grocery retailers to serve their customers in an evolving environment.

Viessmann will present solutions towards net zero stores at EuroShop, including:

  • Award-winning ESyCool green system that applies fossil-free energy sources as a foundation for total energy solutions integrating heating, cooling and refrigeration
  • Offering energy efficiency options with natural refrigerants
  • New Tecto IS7 freezer product line offering top performance in energy efficiency

Energy savings thanks ​integrated heating, cooling and refrigeration

ESyCool green offers the perfect fit to support food retailers’ sustainability efforts in enabling ways towards net zero operations of food retail markets. This award-winning energy management solution captures the complete supply of refrigeration technology and the fossil-free store heating and cooling of each store building location.

  • Energy savings in operating food retail markets
  • Environmentally friendly and future-proof R290 (propane) refrigerant
  • Waste heat from refrigeration process used to generate building heat
  • No need for a separate boiler system based on fossil fuels like gas or oil

20% larger display area and outperforming energy efficiency with new Tecto IS7 freezer island

Tecto IS7 enables food retailers to present a high volume of goods within an attractive display cabinet while saving energy and lowering their stores’ CO2 footprint.

  • Aesthetic design with wide glass surfaces
  • Improved display volume, offering food retailers the opportunity to present more frozen food produce per footprint
  • High degree of prefabrication minimises installation time

This is Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions. Because we care for life.

Hope to see you in Düsseldorf this February.

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