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Are you looking to join a dynamic, innovation-driven, international company, building a better future for us all? By working with Viessmann, you'll be making an impact on the world today - and on its future. Essential part of our business culture are the values shared and lived by our employees – Together, Entrepreneurial and Responsible.

This is what Viessmann refrigeration offers for you:

  • Inspired and motivated teams: we are a truly international organisation that works as a team to achieve our shared objectives.
  • Personal development: with us you can build up your expertise and support your personal development in every stage of your career.
  • Sustainability: we put great emphasis on responsible action and a long-term vision to build a more sustainable future.
Service employee


Our sales teams are backed up by an extensive network of partners and service colleagues to ensure the continuous cold chains for sensitive goods and operations. Are you passionate about delivering top-notch refrigeration solutions? Join our team and be at the forefront of installing and maintaining refrigeration solutions for diverse industries. With a focus on service excellence, you’ll play a pivotal role in ensuring our clients’ cooling needs are met with the utmost precision.

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Viessmann production Porvoo


Excellent quality is one of the assets of our solutions to protect food and health. And the process of production is one of the most important ones taking care of good quality. Integral to our operation, production is at the core of what we do. With cutting-edge factories in Hof, Germany and Porvoo, Finland, we boast a team of over 900 refrigeration professionals dedicated to crafting highly efficient and innovative products. Join our dynamic team!

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Viessmann technology


If you hear about refrigeration technology, refrigeration planning and refrigerants you know exactly what it means. With a job in our technology teams you are responsible for the design and planning of complex refrigeration systems and, together with the sales department, also make a significant contribution to successful implementation at the customer.

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Viessmann marketing

Sales & ​Marketing

Our refrigeration products and solutions are represented by local sales offices in 20 countries throughout Europe. Our sales and marketing teams take care of creating awareness about our purpose and portfolio and finally implementing them daily in Food Retail markets, restaurants or healthcare institutions worldwide. Join us in cultivating growth by promoting innovative commercial refrigeration solutions!

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Viessmann apprenticeship


We provide apprenticeships for individuals seeking to jump-start their careers, offering unique opportunities in different sectors to acquire valuable hands-on experience and knowledge.

Gain first practical experiences within a company with us and help us co-creating living spaces for generations to come. It’s just your first step!

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Viessmann meeting


We are a very international company, working in a lot of cross functional teams between different countries. Our jobs do not fit in only five categories. We want to see and understand the big picture. We need employees like you for doing this.

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