Autonomous store

Towards a ​future with digital and automated food ​retail operations

Automated stores powered by AI, cameras and sensor-technology help food retailers to operate the stores more efficiently, save footprint for valuable grocery sales and learn to optimize their in-store operations and assortment with the support of real-life data. Digitalisation will play an important part of the future of food retail thus Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions together with Pixevia have presented an example of an autonomous store - a convenience store with integrated ‘walk-in, walk-out’ technology in combination with Viessmann’s refrigeration solutions.

From convenience stores to supermarkets up to 400m²

The autonomous store operates by using ceiling cameras and smart shelves to keep track of which products customers pick up in the store. The technology allows stores to operate without cashiers — the store automatically detects items taken from the shelves and creates a virtual shopping cart. Pixevia’s AI algorithm continuously analyzes the data received from the cameras and shelves to ensure the process is swift and accurate.

The autonomous store benefits:

  • Autonomous technology for the best customer experience
  • Innovating the check-in and checkout process to be more friction less
  • Employing smart technologies for learning + daily use of analytics and data
  • Technology integrated to Viessmann’s refrigerated cabinets
  • AI powered convenience store
Viessmann & Pixevia - Automated Store

Collaboration with Pixevia is an example of co-creation where two companies join forces for the benefit of food retailers. The technology and expertise developed by Pixevia in connection with our refrigerated products brings more added value for our customers and their daily operations. We are happy to show an automated store solution with the Pixevia technology and look forward to the discussions with our customers.

Frank Winters // CEO at Viessmann Clean & Cool Solutions

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